Garden Of Eden

Hi! I’m Nelmiah but most people refer to me as Nina. I want to start by saying welcome to my family! I’m here to encourage and help others reach health goals that they doubt they can achieve. I have a passion for alternative, natural medicine and holistic medical treatment. I am an aspiring Chiropractor who will be studying biomedical science. I’m also a novelist and author who lives for the art of literature. My passion for health, however, flows deeper than curriculum; As a young girl I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis. Needless to say, it affected my childhood in devastating ways. My immune system had been medically compromised which lead to me having my Sweet 16 in a hospital bed with a severe fungal infection in my right lung. I nearly died fighting that infection in the long term unit of the children’s hospitals I stayed in. 

After surviving the infection with just a few scars in my lung, I wanted to move on. At 18, I tried to attend college as an excited young lady! My experience was destroyed the moment pains in my right lung emerged. Breathing became a workout from the intense pain and pressure I felt in my chest. I withdrew from school and moved back home with my parents. I was put on narcotics to stabilize the pain and ended up addicted to it three years later at age 21. I tried my hardest to break free from the constrains of drug abuse but to no avail. I entered into a drug detox center and got the help I needed. I was detoxed from narcotics, but my mental health was in shambles. I was gravely depressed and my anxiety was a constant problem. I became suicidal at the thought of my life in that moment. My dad had just suffered a stroke, I was withdrawing from prescription medication abuse, 21 living with my elderly parents that I can’t even take care of. Suicide was a constant thought as I self harmed to numb the pain. I desperately wanted to help my parents for the care and support they’ve given me through everything I’ve gone through, but I had such low self esteem dealing with not only  rheumatoid arthritis, chest pains, and now two new diagnoses: fibromyalgia and mixed connective tissue disease. I had a pharmacy of drugs in my bedroom at age 21. I hated my life. I was too sick to work as a disability patiently. I tried school once again and had to leave because of my health. I was honestly at an all time low.

By the grace of God, I found strength within myself to study how the body works with natural medicine, vitamins, minerals, and herbs. That information gave me hope that there was a better way to treat me body besides organ damaging pharmaceutical drugs  I began a daily regimen of supplementing  the essential vitamins and minerals, drinking more water, smaller meal portions, and intermittent fasting. Here I am as a strong willed and determined 21 year old woman who had to find herself and her purpose all over again just in the last year. God put me on this earth to lead people to a better way of healthcare. That’s why I nearly cried when I was asked to become a independent distributor to build my own busines. I’ve never been able to contribute to and compensate my loving parents who put their health on hold to care for me. Medical bills are expensive, and my parents deserve to have extra income as they struggle month to month now and it breaks my heart that I couldn’t change that. Now I can and I’ve never been happier! 

That is my story and I am sticking to it. Let’s add a new chapter into your story today with the power of It Works! products. It’s time to start “wrapping things up” for a better life! 

Remember, health is our BEST asset. :) 


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